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    Let us start with the big picture of what Quality Assurance is.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance is the act to ensure production of high quality products. This requires definition of quality standards and processes that minimizes product defects. Quality Control on the other hand is the act to detect or uncover defects with the intent to provide data to development to fix the defects and to management so that they can make informed decisions to allow or deny the release of the product. More often than not the same group of people who are responsible for both Quality Assurance end up being responsible for Quality Control as well.

    Importance of Quality Assurance

    We all like quality in all aspects of our lifestyles. Whether its quality of food we eat, clothes we wear, medical treatment we get or even software we use, we want the best. If companies would not produce quality products, it would impact their ability to get new customers and keep existing customers.

    Challenge with Quality

    Its pretty obvious that a company can be profitable only if the revenue generated by the product(s) must exceed the cost of development of the product, the cost to improve quality and the cost to market the product. What is not obvious is what portion of the budget should go towards Quality Assurance. Primarily Quality Assurance Management is responsible to

    1. Define the quality standard and identify the current cost to meet those standards.
    2. Constantly find ways to reduce the cost to measure the quality standards.

    Automation in Quality Assurance

    We are all aware of the impact of automation in the industrial age to make the industries profitable by reducing cost and increasing speed of production by replacing a large portion of manual labor. The same goes with Quality Assurance. In this context the most common form of automation is the culmination of techniques and tools to detect product defects.

    Even though most people consider QA Automation as Automation developed or executed by the QA team within their organization, that is not what this website represents. Here QA Automation just means automation used for minimizing the need of manual testing to achieve Quality Assurance, reducing the cost and improving productivity of Engineering.

    Focus of this website

    Software test automation is the use of software, the purpose of which is, to test a software or hardware product. This generally requires setting up of preconditions, validating actual results match expected results and report test results. This website focuses on techniques to implement and apply automation in Software companies.

    The site is segregated into 3 main sections: