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  • Using Sauce app to do cross browser and OS testing December 8, 2012

    SauceLabs has recently released a new app that works on Macs that can be used for cross browser/Os testing as well as mobile device testing using a simulator.

    You can download this for free from the App store. Once you install it, you can either use your saucelabs account or try it for free with a few limitations. Currently they support various versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera on Windows, Linux and OSX. They also have options for OSX/iPhone Simulator testing.

    The way it works is that once you choose a url to navigate to and the OS/Browser combination, sauce creates a new vm on demand within seconds. On the vm you have access to the browser and the desktop. In the browser you have full keyboard and mouse control so you can perform all actions that are needed to simulate end user testing. Even with the limited access to the desktop, you can do things like change the resolution of the screen.


    Before describing it further you might want see it in action:

    Free Version limitations

    If you are starting with the free version, there are a few limitations that you will encounter. Some of them are

    • Access to 15 of the 95 currently supported os/browser combinations
    • Session time is limited to 10 mins and after that there is a period of time when you cannot create another vm. You can always find workarounds but I wont get into that.
    • You can have only one active session at a time.

    As demonstrated in the video, you can create screenshots as well. At the moment though, I was unable to access them later though. I got an error page at saucelabs website instead.

    Internal Testing

    One question that you might be wondering at this point is how would you be able to achieve internal testing with this tool. For that, first you would have to register with saucelabs and then use something called Sauce Connect to connect to your internal web apps securely.

    Hope you find this useful.

    Posted by Rahul Poonekar in : Integration

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