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  • Selenium 2 Tutorial and User Guide with examples August 29, 2011

    Welcome to the Selenium 2 Tutorial and User Guide.

    I have used Selenium for several years, and continue to use it, at work. I am a fan and so I decided to contribute to it’s adoption by writing some documentation on Selenium for everyone’s benefit. My hope is that because I am a user of the tool and I have experienced problems that real users face, this guide will capture the essentials of how to use the tool.

    A lot of people look for Selenium tutorials and this guide is written in a manner to help newbies learn how to develop tests in Selenium. This guide also contains code examples that should help both novice and experienced users.

    The code examples are currently in Java. I am sure it will still give you the key information you need to allow you to develop in the programming language of your choice, but, if you have snippets in other languages that you think would be useful, please feel free to share them.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Selenium
    2. What is new in Selenium 2
    3. Getting started with Selenium 2 and WebDriver
    4. Locating page elements
    5. Common Assertions using WebDriver
    6. Interacting with page elements
    7. Waiting after web page interactions
    8. Window, frames and Popup dialog handling

    Feedback on these topics would be much appreciated!

    Posted by Rahul Poonekar in : Selenium

    16 responses to “Selenium 2 Tutorial and User Guide with examples”

    1. Ravi says:

      I am using old selenium rc version for last 3 years, I want to use Selenium2 for same project, so Rahul sir is it possible?
      I have question:
      – I have selenium (OLD version) framework, using this framework I have done automation scripts and it’s running properly, but now I want to migrate OLD version to new selenium 2 version. For this what can I do?

    2. nsx says:

      Where can I find code to launch browser on a remote machine (i.e. selenium grid)?

    3. claudio says:

      Hi Rahul, I would ask you if Selenium could be used for testing CRM products like Siebel, SAP, etc..
      Is it possible to use Selenium without to write code( I tried Selenium IDE, the firefox plugin it was only necessary to record tests on firefox).
      As last answer….Is it good to know Selenium IDE for finding a QA Job or is it manadatory to be more advanced using Selenium 1 or 2 ?

    4. Simran Dass says:

      Hi Rahul

      I must say wonderful articles.They are so useful for
      a newbie like me. I am new to test automation.I read the concepts on automation in this blog.I am
      trying to learn Selenium 2.Could you please suggest
      some book on Selenium 2 . It will be of great help.

    5. Nive says:

      I would like to know about selenium. For that i tried selenium IDE for testing. After that I tried to work with selenium RC and client driver especially in Visual stdio 2008 in windows7.For that i downloaded selenium RC and ran that using java-jar-selenium-server-standalone-2.18.0.jar in command prompt and also add client driver dll as reference to a project of visual studio from selenium client driver 2.18.0. after all this steps web page ran properly in firefox using visual studio 2008(code got from selenium IDE which are recorded). This is normal testing process in visual studio using selenium. But now i want to do performance testing in visual studio 2008 using selenium.Is it possible to do? Please help me and give me a guidance for doing performance testing.Reply as soon as possible to my mail id. I am waiting for your guidance.

    6. Rahul Poonekar says:

      Nive, in my post Performance testing using Selenium I have discouraged using Selenium as a performance testing tool. If that post does not convince you to try using a tool dedicated to performance testing and you are still determined to reuse your Selenium tests for web browser load testing you could look into using BrowserMob‘s integration with Selenium. The only catch is that the tests need to be in JavaScript.

    7. Madhu says:

      Hi Rahul,

      We as a company use Selenium extensively and we got to know about a tool named “PushToTest TestMaker 6” which I think can be used for Performance Testing by reusing the same Functional tests created using Selenium and also we have Selenium integrated in it.

      What is your opinion on the same ?

    8. sandhya says:

      Please can update Window, frames and Popup dialog handling topics?

    9. Manjunatha Rao says:

      Very good reference site on Selenium. We completed one of our application automation using Selenium RC and recently upgraded to WebDriver.

    10. Anupama says:

      Hi Rahul,

      I am a beginner in automation testing, and I selected Selenium as my first automation tool. Before going through your blog I have gone through some other websites too, but I like yours the most. Thanks a lot for providing very valuable information very clearly and point to point. I am eagerly waiting for the rest of the topics in the list i.e Window, frames and Popup dialog handling, Mobile automation. Thanks.

    11. Aks says:

      When are you planning to finish the other two topics ?
      It will be great if you update with latest webdriver version

    12. Vidyadhar Belvalkar says:

      Hi Rahul,
      When can we expect the last two lessons uploaded ?

    13. Srikanth says:

      Really very good publishing

    14. Leela Krishna Sriram says:

      Hi rahul,
      Iam a java Developer and want to move to QA automation as my career.Its completely self learning on selenium. But your blog was so clear and simple to understand. Really thanks alot and looking for further best publications

    15. tahashin says:

      Tutrial with testng, cucumber and selenium will be appreciated. how to use cucumber with selenium and testng

    16. Lior Katz says:

      A remarkable site thanks sooo much for the useful lessons!!!

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